Feel the Flow

Waff empowers your nervous system to completely engage your body from head to toe.
Waff is a portable, easy-to-use way to elevate your mobility, fitness, relaxation, posture and performance for all levels.


Top vitality.

Its infinite variety of uses allows you to explore and control all sports movements and gestures, perfectly combining pleasure and efficiency. Strength training exercises


Soft gym and all your senses.

Waff allows you to become even more aware of your body schema and your physical abilities.


Pregnancy Fitness
& Wellbeing

Relieve the typical aches & pains associated with pregnancy while maintaining your fitness. Waff provides a gentle yet challenging way to stay active during pregnancy while also providing positive sensations & stress relief that can benefit your baby.

Healthy Active Aging

Age is just a number. The older you get, the younger you can FEEL as Waff supports active aging, strength, body control and more to preserve your day-to-day functionality & freedom.

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