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Waff develop physical qualities : coordination, strength, power, stability, mobility, proprioception, speed of reaction. No spectacular pictures but you will certainly experience the internal sensations.



W SPORT Fitness, physical reconditioning, strengthening, soft gym, optimization of motor skills, athletic and general preparation. We deliver a diploma with a graduated access to WStudio App.

As an excellent fitness product, the Waff combines the fun with muscular workout qualities. It provides you with a secured environment and eliminates the weight bearing points that can lead to pains or discomfort. A Waff is suitable for all, introducing a permanent control of a mastered loss of balance. It makes it possible to work all parts of the body and involves the muscle chain optimally and safely, without no join overuse nor overweight.

Global workout

A Waff is a privileged partner for physical training and conditioning. Its unlimited range of use makes you explore, master and free every sport gesture, combining pleasure and extreme efficiency. The movements are in 3D for a better and immediate insight. There is an unlimited number of both shorter and more effective exercises. Whether seeking high level sport performance or simply fitness, Waff as you like.

Addicts and fans take note! For a better preparation to indulge in the pleasure of sliding, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, kite-surfing, skate-boarding, ice-skating, roller-riding, windsurfing... we develop fun methods to improve muscle tone, bearing attitude quality and balance. From the olympic athlete to the beginner, everybody is looking for the best sensations and performance. All these board sports are known for being accident-proning and a preventive physical training is much better than long weeks of rehabilitation.  



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