Do you want effective muscular strengthening building in less time ?

Here is the revolutionary solution for muscle strength training.

The more your muscles are used in different ways, the more you strengthen them and the better the coordination of your muscle chains. A WAFF accompanies you, it works like a vertebra, stable in its center, mobile on its perimeter.

Your muscles release fluid movement with instant reaction time of muscle groups. It is the set of muscles connected by the nervous system which connects the muscular reaction liberating movements. The movement is freed. Ideal for playing sports and preventing risk of injury.

It is therefore preferable in your muscle strengthening activities to favor global and poly-articular movements. This is the exercise program that we offer you through an increase in stability and superior mobility, induced by the Waff, to optimize your amount of force and health benefits..

The stability-mobility pair is “Efficient more quickly, and produces deep muscle recruitment”.

Muscle fatigue happens much faster and muscle building, to be more efficient, will also be faster in order to adapt to this stress naturally amplified by body weight and energy.

  • Build muscle

  • Increase your energy expenditure.

  • Improve your athletic performance in running, cycling, team sports, because muscle building can be adapted to each individual and specific to each physical activity.

  • Increase your muscle mass and decrease your amount of weight.

  • Act to prevent injuries to the knees, ankles, back.

  • Improve your balance and muscles strength

  • Shape your figure; glutes, abdominals, quadriceps…

  • Improve the tone of your deep muscles.

Our advice : 2 days a week



lunges 1 Waff mini

10 reps / 2 sets / legs.

Recover 30 seconds between sets.

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