Sensory Motor Stimulation for Babies

The dictionary definition - Motility: The full set of functions in living beings that allow movement and moving from one place to another.

Psycho-motility: The full set of motor functions integrated in physical activity during maturing processof the nervous system.

If the body experience of a child is positive, the memorized perceptions are also positive and contribute to the satisfactory and harmonious development of the self. The child makes him/herself at home, curls up and feels confident and secure as his/her body limits are contained by the Waff.

The Waff also favors the tonic status consciousness as its suppleness facilitates the passive mobilizations and allows the child to diversify her/her body experiences.

Motor skills:

Set of functions that ensure the movement, the displacement of a living being.


Set of motor functions integrated into psychic activity during the maturation of the nervous system.

The experiences on the Waff contribute to the psycho-body security feeling that is essential to the child.

The Waff Medium or Waff Max creates the atmosphere for assimilating a highly tonic state. Its flexibility and ergonomics facilitate passive efforts made by parents or therapists. By offering a secure and privileged body space that promotes communication between children and adults, the max or medium Waff contribute to the psycho-body security feeling that is essential to happy and consistent development of children, from birth up to when they begin to exit early childhood.

Just like adults, children make themselves at home, curl up and feel confident and secure as their body limits are contained by the Waff. Waffs are recommended by early childhood professionals.

The Waff helps children feel the effect of their first movements, manifested through a gentle rocking. Children abandon their tonic defenses more easily, through a kinesthetic process. They diversify their bodily experiences, adapting to the Waff very rapidly and using it intuitively as an experimental basis forplay. A child can explore internal sensations and become aware of its bodily identity. We warned you, kids love Waffs…!