The Origin and Evolution of WAFF

What you now know as Waff originally began as nothing more than a virtual, 3D rendering. This digital model was crafted with the intricacies of the human body in mind.

The idea was to create a reactive surface device as perfectly suited for the human form and its three primary positions-standing, sitting, and lying down-as possible. The device had to be able to accomodate people of all shapes and sizes as well as their varying fitness levels and ability to move in space.

The device was designed to accomodate people from one foot tall to over seven feet tall-and all of us in-between. The idea was to support the musculoskeletal system and stimulate the nervous system to appropriately turn on or relax for health & performance.

The initial results were spectacular, though we still had work to do to refine the process, so that this device’s virtual potential could be actualized in the real world. Perseverance can bring both luck and rewards-we were fortunate enough to have both.

After multiple attempts with materials that were either a bit too heavy, soft, reactive, ill-suited, expensive, not in line with our vision, or non eco-friendly, we came up with the inflatable model you see today.

At this point, we created and tested the first max size (our large size) prototype. Athletes and individuals alike were all tested at the National Institute of Sport and Performance (INSEP) in Paris. After full, sometimes grueling training sessions, athletes would lay down on the device only to let out a long, exhaled, “waaafffff,” sound of peace, relaxation, and ease.

Thus, the name WAFF was born.

We were excited to finally have a name for this innovation built with the health and wellbeing of mankind in mind.

Few know this either, but we actually modeled the unique ‘W’ shape in the WAFF logo after the completely relaxed, hands-behind-head, victory pose-a common sight to see with users on the WAFF Max.

We decided to produce two more prototypes-a mini and medium for different functions and unique benefits-both with equally promising results. These later became the WAFF Mini and WAFF Medium training tools you see today.

While we are very thankful and grateful for our