What are the symptoms of low back pain.

With the advent of technology, sitting is more common. During this period, the lack of physical activity multiplies the risk factors. The human body is more prone than ever to the appearance of symptoms of low back pain.

In adults, back pain symptoms are often musculoskeletal in origin.

The lack of regular physical activity, due to the health crisis, has increased the number of people affected by low back pain. The general condition is affected by the persistent, and sometimes throbbing, lower back pain, sometimes it can affect the spinal canal. We are diminished in our movements, in our movements. We are more tired, we have trouble recovering, we sleep less well and that weighs on morale.

Dr Nachemson, a Swedish doctor, has shown that pressure disc varied according to the positions adopted. The approximate load of the L3-L4 disc is 25% of the body weight when a person is in bed. It is 100% when standing and can reach 220% when leaning forward. Do the math with your own personal data.

Dr Nachemson, a Swedish doctor, has shown that pressure disc varied according to the positions adopted. WaffStudio
Dr Nachemson | WaffStudio

Take a load of my back.

A bad posture, more exactly a bad postural habit, is usually the cause of muscle pain. Symptoms of low back pain appear. Sometimes the sciatic nerve gets stuck, it shoots up into the leg. The pain is so severe that even bed rest is an ordeal.

A wrong movement, such as a twist of the kidney, the consequence of which is marked by sharp pain, can happen accidentally. The pain comes on suddenly and contributes to physical exhaustion. The incident is not predictable, but let's accept that a wrong move can be the result of a lack of physical exercise, rather than bad luck.

In the most severe cases, acute low back pain develops and permanent pain in the lumbar vertebrae becomes excruciating. If left unchecked, chronic low back pain finds a fertile ground to develop. The movement becomes a test, the entire motor skills are slowed down and we perceive ourselves as a heavy load.

Back pain can also be psychosomatic in origin. Bad stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, everyday worries, unhappy life events generate negative emotions. The body will have to store them before eliminating or forgetting them, the time to change environment, period or associates.

The wear and tear of the vertebrae, under the strain of aging, causes problems on the intervertebral discs. A threshold has been crossed, perhaps that of chronic disease. The relationship with oneself and with others changes.

Indeed, the intense pain impacts the regions at the level of the vertebrae, we often have pain or even very pain in the back. We have a permanent obligation to be careful, with each movement or movement, we try to protect our back.

The infiltration carried out by a meticulous specialist like the French doctor, Dr François Aubert, or even surgery appear to be probable options.

Sports practice can cause back pain. Golf, for example, is a very technical discipline which requires the s