The Waff King Elite is taylor made for tall individuals. Specifications for heights between

6'5 "to 7'3" feet.


Eliminate your stress, take advantage completely of the neuro-muscular relaxation which gets the waff king elite. The waff king elite offers an absolute ergonomics. Approved  by the professionals, it is within reach of the private individuals who choose of the release the relaxation time at home or at work, to refocus and recovery. 

  • Space required 50 sqft
  • Diameter 69 inch
  • inflating time 2.00 minute with an electric pump or air dryer in cold position.
  • Maximum weight 450 pounds (only one people laying on it).

The main benefits obtained from a Waff max session (20 minutes).

  • A complete sensation of wellbeing
  • Full neuromuscular  release
  • Better quality sleep

King Elite Limited series

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