How to relieve back pain ?

From poor sleeping positions, manual labor, excess driving & sitting, poor movement patterns and beyond, the causes of common back pain can be many.  Furthermore, if you don't address the situation to course-correct now, pain and dysfunction will only continue to snowball from here.


Advice and tips to overcome your lower back pain

When we deal with back pain, it's paramount we continue to move so as not to deactivate & weaken our musculature and create severe dysfunction in the body. Ideally we do what we can to work around our pain by continuing on with our usual activities and avoiding ones that may be too painful at the present time. We can then build up from whatever level we are operating at now.

Thankfully, we have a solution to everyday day back pain and immobility that allows you to find relief & strength without having to change any of your daily habits.

Introducing the Waff Mini : An easy solution for fast back pain relief !

Waff mini is an effective solution to relieve your back pain

The Waff Mini promotes better posture and is constantly, subtly correcting the position of the user so that we can keep our muscles-in particular our back chain-activated and decompressed.
By simply sitting on a Waff Mini, you can effectively mobilize your pelvis three-dimensionally to combat immobility from sitting. The Waff Mini also produces reactive micro-movements that challenge the proprioceptors (sensors in your nervous system) to properly engage the muscles of the core at all times.




Inflation time
30 sec.

14 inches

0.55 lb


Immediate, Lasting Back Pain Relief

The results-and relief-are immediate and steadily build the strength of the core muscles, including spinal erectors, front line fascia, oblique slings, hip musculature, and more.  Small changes in position on the Waff also further expand our movement abilities and further protect the lumbar spine.




Soft method : no pain, no discomfort


of exercises


An impact on deep muscle chains




Activation of the central nervous system

What effective use to relieve back pain?

Feel free to use the Waff Mini as a simple sitting solution or to progress yourself with easy mobility exercises you can do from the comfort of your chair.  Whether you’re an everyday person looking for pain relief, fluid mobility, and functional strength all the way to an athlete looking to elevate your performance & stay healthy-we can help.

As a simple, easy-to-use, portable solution, the Waff Mini is the fastest path to a stronger, healthier, pain-free You.

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