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Waff® Mini Classic


Whatever your activity, proper form and muscle activation is essential for correct movement. Waff® Mini is a revolutionary proprioceptive device, allowing for greater balance and stability. — Use At Home, At The Gym, or Anywhere On The Go


The waff is the best activation tool, it helps me prepare my athlete's body for much more explosive force delivery !



2x Olympian & Owner of Speed Doctor

With the Waff, I teach corrective movement patterns, proprioception & core connection with all people !


Ashley Borden

Fitness & Lifestyle Consutant

The Waff training and recovery system provides our athletes with an immediate CNS and proprioception stimuli


Mike Mancias

Pro Basketball Athletic Trainer

Waff connects space, timing, movement and strength together


Laure Courtellemont


Waff is the best Mediator to restore, maintain or improve the equilibrium of the patient : the homeostasis,


Maxime Verbert

Osteopath – Physical Therapist & Trainer

Waff® Classic

Waff© Mini Classic is the perfect tool to begin adding balance and stability training to your routine.

Waff® Elite

The ultimate balance and stability training device. Graduate from Classic and increase exercise intensity with Waff© Mini Elite's hyper-reactivity.
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Discover the wide spectrum of use of the Waffs. All the solutions developed by the waff experts are at your fingertips to facilitate their implementation.

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