Feel the Flow

Waff empowers your nervous system to completely engage your body from head to toe. Waff is a portable, easy-to-use way to elevate your mobility, fitness, relaxation, posture and performance for all levels.

Top vitality.

Its infinite variety of uses allows you to explore and control all sports movements and gestures, perfectly combining pleasure and efficiency. Strength training exercises

Soft gym and all your senses.

Waff allows you to become even more aware of your body schema and your physical abilities.


Prenatal, better vitality.

With a Waff, you experience very positive sensations and your neuromuscular relaxation is beneficial for your child. Gently, you maintain your energy level.

The experience is an asset.

Advancing in age no longer seems to be a problem, it is necessary to maintain one's physical and neuro-functional capacities in order to maintain and preserve one's autonomy.