The W cover is made of elastomer coated polyester jersey, covered with a high-performance varnish. The touch of peach skin and the "saddler" finish give the cover a top-of-the-range positioning. Perfectly adapted to the medical and paramedical environment  with thermal comfort, extremely resistant, and in conformity with the use of , indoor or outdoor, fire resistance M1 coated face, and is perfectly suited for medical establishments or hotel and resort. The W cover is easy to clean and disinfect and has a high resistance to friction, tearing, UV rays, it is suitable for all types of environment, it is guaranteed 4 years.


The cover cover meets the standards and regulations in force ("R +" level), in all countries and in all areas. R + conforms to the ISO 14021 environmental communication standard: accurate, accurate, verifiable, relevant and not misleading.

Health Precaution R + 3 - Indoor Air Quality R + 2 Indoor air emission +
The delivery time is  20 TO 30 business days, hand made.

W Cover

$990.00 per 1 Pound

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